104 Westwick Street, Norwich NR2 4SZ Tel: (01603) 766627


What is it?

Highwater House is a 22 – bed registered care home for people who have experienced homelessness and who have a “dual diagnosis”; in other words people who have both mental health and substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) issues.

Where is it?

Highwater House
Westwick Street
Tel: (01603) 216830
Fax: (01603) 766672

What happens there?

Highwater House is the only residential resource in Norfolk dedicated to meeting the needs of the dual diagnosis client group.  Allocation procedures and revenue support arrangements are in place with Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Trust and Norfolk Adult Services.  Nominations into placements at the home are made from across the county by health and social care professionals.

Every resident has their own en-suite bedroom.  A full meals service is provided in a well-appointed dining room.  There are a number of lounges including a “wet” lounge.  Those residents with alcohol problems are allowed to drink in this lounge (except at mealtimes).  This facility is the only one of its kind in Norfolk and was successfully introduced following the extensive refurbishment of the Home in 2007/8.  It means that residents need not leave their home to drink.  The result is better management of the individual’s alcohol-related issues and the almost total removal of these individuals from the criminal justice system.  This feature of Highwater House has won praise from Norfolk Police.

Staff are on site 24 hours a day to support and care for the 22 residents.  A wide range of activities are enjoyed by the residents including gardening, individual and group hobbies and trips to the cinema and theatre.  The Home also has its own holiday home at California Cliff north of Great Yarmouth.  During the warmer months this facility is used extensively and enjoyed by all.

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